From Australia with Love

I heard on the grapevine that a new range of products were heading over from sunny Australia to the UK. The brand is called Natralus and I was very excited to Try it out.

The natural skincare brand is family run business and cruelty free, so far so good!


So what is Natralus all about? Well as mentioned its family owned dating back to the 1920’s with a Pharmacist from Adelaide who had a passion for creating healthcare products that work! Now you got my attention!


Fast forward, years later Natralus is worldwide, still priding itself on containing all natural ingredients.

Why is it important to try and be au naturel? Our skin is our largest organ and is very sensitive. Almost all products we use on our skin are absorbed, passing into the blood and sadly so many of our beauty favourites contain toxic ingredients like Paraben, Mineral Oil, and Fragrances.


To make sure we are caring the best way we can for our skin, using products that have mainly natural ingredients means less of these nasties end up in our system so reading labels on our favourite products is important.

I have managed to get my paws on the Nourishing Paw Paw Lip Butter – in Strawberry – and the Intensive Skin Therapy. Both these products include Paw Paw or Papaya, a fruit which has many benefits for the skin, amongst other glorious natural ingredients. Some of the benefits listed are exceptional, hydration by absorbing and retaining water; anti-inflammatory to prevent skin irritation and contains vitamins A, C and E.


Both products are beautiful, the lip butter smells delicious and leaves my lips super soft. The Intensive Skin Therapy was so impressive, it absorbs almost instantly and really relieves my skin from feeling dry and tight.

If you are looking to use products with more natural ingredients I highly recommend looking up Natralus. You can type it in on a search engine, also available online at ; and

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