Out & About at Piano Bar

You could easily miss Piano Bar with its quaint entrance on the peaceful High Street Ken but once inside it’s a very different story. This place is always bustling and buzzing. Sometimes a little too much! If you’re going along for a special occasion with a group book a table, well in advance.

The bar is understated with a simple speakeasy style. Piano Bar is about delivering great live tunes and tasty cocktails. The fact it’s always full to the brim is testament to the fact that it delivers on both.

If you want to celebrate in style this is an original alternative to the countless clubs and bars that don’t invite you to witness the spectacle of a live musician who knows how to work a crowd. The cosy setting although snug is perfect for ensuring none of the atmosphere from the pianist is lost wherever you may be seated.

I’d recommend the Espresso Martinis which were classic London price and delicious! There’s always a crowd but the wait for a drink is never too long and the mixers work fast. Expect a singalong crowd and excellent bad dancing by 11.

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