Undo the Signs of Sun Damage

Were you a sun worshipper this summer? I like to think I am quite well behaved when it comes to sun exposure. You’ll usually find me with SPF50 on my face and at least 30 all over my body. We all know that too much sun is bad news for skin in many ways but I’m not a Doctor, so I’ll stick to the simple stuff! It’s ageing, causes pigmentation and lines. So now the sun has disappeared (after not much of an appearance to be fair) it’s time to give our skin some love.


Rich Moisturiser
I usually like nice lightweight moisturiser for my face but post holiday, when I have tight tired skin it needs to be taken up a notch. There’s many in the market but my Mum’s obsession with the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Night Cream comes in very handy for me at these times! This is serious stuff, you certainly know you have it on but it does the job and this is all delivered with a nice attainable price tag.

Laser facials have been a thing in a big way in recent times and it’s no surprise, given they can ease a whole host of sins with little downtime or trouble. Laser is great for symptoms of sin damage in particular. If you have pigmentation, thread veins or even fine lines after your summer of sun bathing a course of treatments can diminish these signs. I’ve tried skin rejuvenation by Ellipse and although it was one of the more uncomfortable treatments I’ve had it also offers an instant result and little downtime. Well none in my case, I went into work afterwards! It takes a few sessions for best results and it is not the cheapest but I did have nice glowing skin after just one treatment. Autumn/winter is the better season for this treatment as sun exposure needs to be avoided afterwards. Make sure you wear an SPF under your foundation following treatment.

I love the Alpha H’ Liquid Gold range. I use the Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid and Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask. You may have seen the reviews! I had a break from these treatments peak summer as like laser, glycolic makes your skin more sensitive. I’ll be back on it now though as a facial with or an overnight cleanse really freshens and plumps the skin for a youthful glow.

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