Review Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin

I was very excited when a small package arrived at my door step the other day, upon opening I discovered the Proaura Vitamin C Serum with Astaxanthin so of course I couldn’t wait to get started.

So first of all what it is? Essentially it is an anti-aging serum – Hello 30! This stuff has now become very important, I’ll try anything to keep me away from a needle. This serum aims to correct and protect against visible signs of aging. It has a high concentration of Vitamin C, as well as good for the immune system also good for the skin plus Hyaluronic Acid also a loved ingredient for youth seekers. Plus the star of the show the latest and powerfully acclaimed ingredient Astaxanthin.


There is a lot of ‘sciencey’ stuff about the benefits of Astaxanthin and why the beauty world is getting excited about it but in a nut shell the claims say this ingredient is superior to Vitamin C, it reduces melanin production which diminishes age spots, freckles and dark circles. It is also said to stimulate continuous production of collagen – which I’m sure we are all aware of the benefits of this – collagen = plump skin!

Enough with the science, does it work! So I have been using the product for two weeks which is quite a short amount of time to see any dramatic changes, you would think but you”d be wrong I’ve been surprised to see the difference in my skin. The serum feels fresh and dewy when applied to the skin, a few drops is enough to cover the face and neck. Gently rub into the skin and let it dry. The formula appears oily at first but it regally isn’t, in seconds the serum goes from feeling slightly sticky to completely dry once soaked into the skin. The quick drying is perfect if you are wanting to apply moisturiser and or make up straight after. As the serum dries you can feel an immediate tightening, face lifting in a bottle!! And this doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or uncomfortable.


As mentioned after these two weeks the condition of my skin has certainly improved. I haven’t suffered any break outs and markings from previous blemishes seem to have faded. My skin is looking fresher with a healthy glow. I am quite lucky that I don’t have many signs of aging just yet; however there are a couple of fine lines on my forehead that I’d quite like to improve. It is probably a little too early to make a sound judgement but that area is feeling more toned so I shall be monitoring to see if these lines fade. The Proaura Vitamin C Serum is a great addition to my daily routine and I love it! Especially as it has such noticeable results that I can see and feel, a rarity when it comes to anit-aging merchandise. As an added bonus for those readers that are concerned this is vegan friendly!!


You can purchase the Proaura Vitamin C serum from the website; just put it in a search engine. At the moment there is a special price of £25.00 down from £35.00 worth the money if you ask me!

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