Fab Five Lip Plumping Glosses

Big lips are hot and they’re everywhere!! A lot of us crave that perfect pout but might not necessarily want to inject stuff to get that fuller look. So we can look to the next best thing, quick simple and painless lip plumping glosses!! They all aim to do the same thing so these are my fab five.

1.Soap and Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL

This is probably my first ever plumping gloss that I originally tried years ago, so to me it’s a classic. Since then the Mother Pucker range has expanded to a whole range of shades so perfect plumper for any occasion.


2. Wunder2 Wunderkiss, Professional Lip Plumping Gloss

From the people who bought you Wunderbrow comes Wunderkiss. What is fun and quirky about this gloss is that you can control how intense you want the plump with three different levels to choose from, so you can decide how extra you want to be!


3. Too Faced, Lip Injection

I love Too Faced the brand always present the products really well and always look pretty and glamourous, so I was thrilled to see a plumping gloss. The plump can last up to four hours and this particular one is a pretty pink shade.


4. Dior, Addict Lip Maximizer

The luxurious and beautiful Dior in gorgeous blush shades. The added bonus is that this gloss has a lovely fresh mint/vanilla scent.


5. Barry M, That’s Swell

Trusty Barry M will save the day with this clear gloss at a fantastic price, in case you’re wanting pillowy lips for a fraction of the price!


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