The Year of Glitter

Glitter has exploded back into our lives and there are no restrictions on its use! From celebrations to festivals to your average evening out glitter is there! It feels all of a sudden us adult women are allowed to be queens and unicorns and we have fully embraced this liberation, and glitter helps us look the part!

Okay, so we are ready and want to look like we have just sprung out of Mariah Carey’s wardrobe, where do we start?!

With glitter you can be as subtle or extreme as you like, there are no rules! Especially as we head into autumn, we have everybody’s favourite dressing up day – Halloween and then the party season follows shortly after, so there are plenty of excuses.

To add that hint of glitter to get into the spirit, adding some to the eyes is perfect. Line your eyes with you favourite liner, grab a pot of body or eye glitter in whichever colour and using an eyeshadow brush gently dab the glitter onto the lid of the eye. Sometimes it’s best to use tissue under the eye to catch any falling glitter.

Or you can add a glitter polish onto your nails, even if its just one nail on each hand just to add that hint.


My favourite look at the moment that has been hitting the festival scene this summer is hair glitter. You are free to be as creative as you like and it looks fabulous. Choose any of your favourite styles, loose curls; buns; plaits and then paint the glitter on. You can add it to the parting to give the illusion of glitter roots, or paint down the strands.


Then there are those that can go wild! The body glitter babes! I discovered a great Instagram page for a company called Go Get Glitter, it sells glitter products which are insane and has loads of inspiration on how to create looks using body glitter so check it out for inspo!


So where can we get some?

Look to the high street, it’s everywhere. Primark now has a beauty range that has burst onto the shelves and is proving to be a popular choice because as with fashion, it is so affordable. Its a fabulous range of body glitters, glitter lip glosses and jewels to make us shine. I also saw these amazing unicorn brush sets to help apply  your sparkle, because as we want to be unicorns we may as well use inspired tools.


Any high street makeup brand has something to add the glitz. Trusty Barry M has been selling pots of glitter for the face and body since time began!


Go out there have fun and remember…..”Don’t let anybody dull your sparkle”


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