Review Sexy Hair Big Blow-Dry Volumizing Gel

If you have fine flat hair like mine you’ll be familiar with the frustration of no body or volume coming easy. And who has time on their hands in the morning rush? I’m always open to easy quick solutions that won’t weigh hair down and actually do the opposite of what you want to achieve. I recently came across the Sexy Hair brand and was instantly intrigued by the Big Blow-Dry Volumizing Gel.

This little bottle talks of a thicker fuller appearance with and a plumping formula that works to deliver definition from root to tip. The directions are simply that the gel should be applied in damp hair before blow-drying for added volume and medium hold. Who doesn’t want easy and fast delivery of big hair?


I am always conscious of product weighing my hair down. So the first good sign with this was that it was a nice light feel gel. It’s advised you apply from root to tip and fortunately this wasn’t a problem. Even at the roots the product didn’t stick and weigh down in fact it was barely there. For best results I’d get a round brush involved in your blow dry and work with your hair to achieve the best lift.

As well as lightweight this wasn’t too sticky in the hair. Although it did feel a little more tangled when wet but once dry there was no residue or tacky texture afterwards which I have found with some mousses in the past.


I am guilty of blasting the hairdryer through sometimes and hoping for the best followed by a whip of the straighteners. This is not a good technique to get fuller volume! It does get you out the door on time though! But with this product – you need to take your time to get the most out of it. Section out the hair and build volume with a round brush – especially towards the roots and you will really get some big hair out of it.

The Sexy Hair Big Blow-Dry Volumizing Gel comes in two sizes, 250ml or 50ml. I have the 50ml which is just £5.95 from Lookfantastic so very kind on the purse strings. I don’t use too much for fear of sticky after effects so I think even this little bottle will be long lasting so it’s also great value.

If you are happy to put in a little effort with your blow dry this is a great accompaniment to get thicker hair with more volume. Coupled with its easy application and nice price tag, I would definitely recommend.

3.5 out of 5

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