Fab Fab Hair Finishing Products

A good finishing product can make the world of difference. Take you from frizz to smooth or dry to silk. Really it depends what you are dealing with as to what will be the best finishing product for you but i’ve tried a few over the years. Here’s some of my favourites to date:

1.Pantene Pro V, Dry Oil with Argan Oil

My hair gets a bashing with heat and bleach so I usually use this after every wash to smooth it. I also get very straggly ends when I am in need of a trim. Pantene’s Smooth & Sleek Argan Dry Oil adds moisture and manageability. It’s nice and lightweight which is ideal for my fine hair and leaves it soft and smooth. This is such a bargain too and has lasted such a long time.


2.Paul Mitchell, Instant Moisture Daily Treatment

My hairdresser used this on my hair the last time and it was nothing less than amazing! Of course hairdressers always say good things baout products they use so I took this with a pinch of salt but I was genuinely sad it costs me such a small fortune to be blonde or I would have definitely purchased this on the day too. My hair was so soft and strong which is ecaclty what my hair type needs. I have this on my wish list.

3.Kerastase, Resistance Ciment Thermique

Another great strengthening product, leaves hair soft and non-sticky. This is almost where treatment meets finishing product. This also doubles up as a heat protective product as well so you are repairing as well as protecting, winning!


4.Redken, Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment

This leave-in conditioning treatment helps hair that is prone to breaking or splitting, and is ideal for hair that is styled with heat regularly. This smoothes the hair and reduces friction from brushing that can cause damage. Hair is strengthened and less likely to split, break or snap.

Redken antisnap.jpg

5.Bed Head Tigi, After Party

This smoothing cream leaves hair more silky, smooth and healthy. It also speeds up drying time if you apply to wet hair and combats fly-aways. If your hair is in good condition and you want a more shine this is ideal.

Tigi after party.jpg





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