Organic Beauty Guide

It’s organic month the perfect time to reflect on how our beauty behaviours are closely imitating our eating habits. Judging by the rising popularity in organic beauty we haven’t just gone clean with our eating. As a nation we are keener than ever to understand what we are buying and what’s in it.

What isn’t helpful however is misleading labelling and the lack of legislation, meaning some products could just be throwing desirable terms around.
So how can you tell if a brand is as it sounds? Well one way is through certification from The Soil Association. The Soil Association launched the first standards for organic cosmetics in 2002. Since then it has introduced a global standard called COSMOS so you have peace of mind that products are to the same organic standards wherever they are from. You can even check on The Soil Association site which brands are certified. These products have undergone vigorous assessment to ensure they are produced in the most environmentally and sound way.
Another way you can have more certainly of authenticity is shopping in the right places. Love Lula is raved about and not only do they stock endless organic goodies but they even have a subscription box service, so you can discover new brands every month and get them delivered to your door.
If you are more of a DIY, creative type you could even – as more and more people do, create your own. It’s no surprise the rise in organic has also seen a rise in home remedies. There really is no better way to know exactly what you are putting on your skin than making it yourself.
You only have to google avocado or cucumber and skincare to find a variety of ways you can use them for glowing skin. It doesn’t get more organic than that.

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