Fab Five Hair Masks

We all know there is so much available to us now when it comes to haircare all tailored to make every hair type glorious. From treatments to shampoos we love them all but today here are my fab five hair masks so sit back relax and pamper yourself with these five beauties.

1.Chirp, Softness 100% Natural Hair Mask
First up, this beautiful mask got a mention a few posts back when we reviewed it after having discovered it. Well it would be wrong not to include Chirp in our fab five considering I loved it so much. I still Stand by my claims, my hair was incredibly soft and full of life after my first use. I loved that the product is made from 100 % natural ingredients so I could be confident using it on my hair.

thumbnail_Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask - Product2.Hask Keritain Protein, Soothing Deep Conditioner
I have been told by friends and almost every hairdresser that protein is very important for the hair to reduce breakage so I try and include it into my routine as much as possible. Hask have a lovely hair mask that includes this precious ingredient, specifically made for over processed and colour treated hair to restore the moisture. I complete concur with this and enjoy using this mask everytime.


3. Palmers, Coconut Oil Formula

Another one that has been mentioned in our very early days of posting and still remains a firm favourite of mine. Very very thick and cream mask feels luxurious and I find very gentle on my hair. The coconut smells beautiful and sticks with my hair long after washing, not to mention leaving my hair beautifully nourished.

thumbnail_3315D Protein Pack 300 dpi

4.Bleach, Reincarnation Mask
This is aimed at hair that has been colour treated, I’m sure most of us are guilty. I have been enjoying the Bleach range now for a while and always find their products to be very effective and this mask doesn’t disappoint. Hydrating very dry and damaged hair through colouring, improving breakages.


5.John Frieda, Beach Blonde Kelp Help
Another range I have become a fan of because it’s aimed at bleached hair. The Kelp Help deep conditioning mask contains sea kelp claiming to repaired damaged hair. I love the feel of my hair after using this mask.


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