Drugstore Bargain Buys

These products are not just about picking up are bargain these are my bargain products of the moment that I am loving. Since writing the Fab Five post on budget concealers it made me think of all the fabulous bargains there are out there making our beauty routine far more attainable.

Revolution Pro Looks Palette in Stripped and Bare

Revolution is just that! There is such a great range of products available and the prices are unbelievably affordable, so you could shop for a whole new look without breaking the bank. At the moment I am loving this Pro Looks palette. This is a limited collection palette that contains three looks for the eyes, complete with five colours to make up each look, or you can just mix it up and do your own! At £6.00 it is a steal! Either order online or check out at most Superdrug stores.


Freedom Makeup London, Pro Lipstick Naked Mattes Collection

OK if you can beat this find I would love to know!! A collection of five gorgeous nude shades, perfect for daytime or the office from light to dark, and get this it’s £5!!!!! I know, I know a-mazing! Go and get yours immediately, again you can order online or trusty Superdrug got us covered.


Superdrug, Studio Brushes

Brushes can be really expensive and all tend to add up, so when in need it’s good to know there are affordable brushes which are great quality that do just as good a job as  expensive counterparts. Superdrug has a range called Studio, designed with fun colours and to cover all needs. With prices starting at £2.99 you cannot go wrong!


Collection, Lucious Lashes

Bargain eyelashes, not possible I hear you say, well it is!! If you have a big night out coming up and want to save the pennies for ridiculously expensive cocktails, head over to the Collection makeup section. There is a range of different styles to suit all looks……and the cost £2.99 a set!

IMG_0144Sunkissed, Self Tan Moose

Self-tan in any form is rarely dirt cheap, however there are affordable options for the gal on a budget. Sunkissed Self-Tan is a new discovery for me. There is a mousse available in the range which is my personal preference, as I find it tends not to streak or redecorate my bathroom. I think at £3.99 from Superdrug it is such a good buy!


Superdrug, Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes

Last but not least my personal favourite bargain buy goes to these Superdrug face wipes, they cleanse make up away easier and feel super fresh, I don’t see why I would need anything else. £0.99 can’t get cheaper than that!



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