Holiday Beauty Essentials

I’m in that holiday mode – counting down the days, hours minuets until i’ll be on be a beach next week! But there’s so much beauty to think about whilst trying not to take a whole suitcase of product alone! Here’s the essentials that are really worth the extra kilos in your suitcase.

Salt Spray 

Seems to be everywhere this summer and by every brand. One of the most affordable options being Style Expertise Salt Spray 100ml. This is s great way to create beach chic waves fast. No one wants to spend hours hair styling in humidity.


Vitamin E Moisturiser

Have I raved about this enough yet?! Everyone knows your skin can get dry on holiday. I love this moisturiser and as it’s so easily absorbed and non-sticky, so great for when you’re abroad in the heat.


SPF BB Cream 

This is a great 2in1 not only does it give you a high protection but also some lovely coverage. Well a little anyway, which is much better than nothing. It’s not greasy and lasts well but ensure you reapply regularly if you’re soaking up the sun all day.


Once SPF

Ah SPF how I need but dislike you. I am that transparent girl covered in at least factor 30 all day on the beach but I really dislike sun cream and being sticky all day. Once takes some of the hassle away as you layer up in the morning and then it lasts for 8 hours. I usually top up a bit in parts and best to reapply if you go in water. But other than that it’s a better solution than most.


Instant Tan 

As I mentioned, I am not blessed with olive or skin that tans well. But I do have great fake tan knowledge, so who even cares?! One trick for fellow porcelain ladies is fake it, yes even abroad! You may not want to lay in developing tan overnight but Rimmel Instant Matt Tan is great for evenings out to brighten up your holiday wardrobe items that just looks better with a bit of a glow.



It’s hard to look anything other than a sweaty mess on the beach in 30 degree heat sometimes. I always go for hair up as who wants their locks all matted in sun cream. If you want to look a little more together a classic doughnut is a great way add a little glamour when you throw your hair up for sun lounging.

Moisturising Shampoo 

Sun, sea, styling all dry out your hair. Make your holiday shampoo a moisturising one that will nurture your hair. My fave is Redken Supersoft. The clue is in the name and it lives up to the promise.


Hair Treatment

Dry hair needs a bit of love but you might not want to spend your precious holiday time sat around in hair masks. But this protein spray takes a few seconds to apply and keeps hair strong. Great one for bleach lovers.




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