Review Chirp Body Softness 100% Natural Hair Mask

I literally tried this hair mask last night and I was so excited I had to get mentioning it right away. As you may be aware, from previous posts, about my plight having damaged hair from over bleaching, finding products that really care for my hair is not so easy. They may initially feel good but that is a short term feeling.

On a quiet Sunday evening after a heavy weekend I needed some TLC, luckily a few days earlier I had received The Vegan Kind Beauty Box containing this lovely hair mask.

thumbnail_Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask - Candle 2

Chirp Body is a new beauty company so I’m so excited to be discovering this now. The founders had created this product once moving to London from Australia and noticing how our hard water was unkind to their hair and how little natural products there were available to help.

As it says on the tin this hair mask is made completely of natural ingredients, plenty of luxurious oils to nourish the hair including Coconut oil; Argan kernel oil, Tea Tree oil, Ylang Ylang flower oil; plus lots more. These nourishing oils are easily absorbed into the hair and scalp for ultimate hydration.

thumbnail_Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask - Candle 1

The hair mask needs to be applied to dry hair, this mask is very oily so apply over sink or bath to avoid mess. Start at the roots to make sure they don’t get left behind then work up including the scalp and massage in. Each sachet contains up to 5 uses depending on hair length and thickness – however I got way over excited not realising and used most of it! This isn’t necessary as there is plenty to go round.

Leave in the hair for 25 minutes and let it do its magic. I would recommend if you have cling film wrapping your hair in this as the oil has potential to dribble a little –perhaps because I used too much – using cling film keeps the hair covered in the product without having a towel soaking up the mask.

Once finished wash out, the recommendation is to shampoo twice which I did do, conditioning is optional but I conditioned as my hair can get quite tangled when wet.

I left my hair to dry naturally and when I woke up my hair felt amazing, so so soft! Plus it still has lots of volume and bounce so this hair mask hasn’t weighed it down in the slightest. I cannot believe how shiny it looks and healthy it feels, I’m thrilled!

thumbnail_Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask - Product

You can find this gorgeous product via the website, just google Chirp Body Natural Hair Mask. This product retails at £17.95 which may seem a little pricey but considering if used properly it contains a few uses it’s worth it.

4.5 out of 5

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