Fabulous Feet!

I think we’re all quite aware that we are very harsh on our tootsies, so it’s such a good idea to include a good foot pampering into your beauty routine. I personally do quite a lot of walking as I use public transport to commute to and from work, not to mention time at the gym plus I love my heels, and all this takes its toll. I end up having battered feet in no time. It’s great if you can get down to a salon and have someone buff your feet till they are all shiny and new again, but you may not have the time or the funds, there is no reason why you cannot achieve beautiful feet at home.

Before anything I would remove my nail polish. I like to make sure my nails look clean and healthy whilst doing a pedicure. My favourite nail polish remover is the Maggie Anne Strawberry & Grape, its acetone free, toxin free and cruelty free, so fantastic guilt free product to use, plus they have beautiful fruity scents. Maggie Anne has a fabulous nail care range which you can find online, just google ‘Maggie Anne Nail’, it is vegan friendly too as an added bonus.

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The reason it’s a good idea to start soaking your feet sure a pedicure because it’s relaxing and it softens the skin making it easier when buffing the dry hard skin later. A bowl of warm water, you can add salts if you wish, I personally like to add a few drops of Bio Oil. Bio oil is a fantastic multi use product and its great for moisturising and healing skin. A few drops in the water adds that bit more moisture to soften the feel, also if you suffer from cracked heals the bio oil really helps sooth these areas. I would soak the feet for a good 10 minutes.31b798ce0c67281dd1338fbfde3da84f


The feet are primed and ready. Now personally I think forget the pumice stone and all the hard labour that goes into using one, a battery powered foot file is the way to go. Over the bowl or the bath, sit back and concentrate on the hardened areas of the feet. This is completely painless but saves a lot of time. I use the Pedi Spin which you can find online or in some Boots stores.pedi-500x416 (2)


Now we can leave our feet looking naked, what if those peep toe shoes want to go for a walk?! Shape the nails using a standard file and clippers. This is always a good and satisfying moment to push the cuticles back to promote healthy growth, and keeps them tidy. The pick your colour to paint, leaving to dry fully.


Now its time to get those big bed socks out – hot or not outside you’re going to need them, its time to smother the feet and give them some TLC. I use Lush’s Pink Peppermint foot lotion, which relieves and revives the feet, the peppermint in the foot lotion boosts circulation and coco butter restores moisture. However when you have creamed your feet the last thing you need is this rubbing all over your floor, sofa and bed covers, hence the socks. I like to use a generous amount of cream to cover the feet, making sure a massage in especially in the areas really needing it. It’s a lovely light consistence and smells minty fresh. Once creamed, allow to soak into the skin and then bed socks on! (Normal socks can also be used but how cosy are bed socks!) Try and leave on overnight if you can and you’ll wake up for gorgeous feet!



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