Out & About at Bluebird Chelsea

Who hasn’t heard of the Bluebird cafe?! A true hotspot that no doubt requires a much advanced booking and can always guarantee the hum of happy Londoners happily munching and tippling the afternoon away. Well judging by my one trip at least!
Bluebird was not what I expected. I really enjoy places that strike the very delicate balance of nice but not stuffy. I thought this could be the latter but I was really pleasantly surprised. The most striking thing actually about it was it’s really unusual and beautiful layout. You could say it brings the outside in, so you can enjoy all the greenery and when I visited avoid the relentless summer showers.
The menu was full of solid options that weren’t tainted by fancy language or inaccessible prices. Another nice surprise. We enjoyed two courses for £25. Given the location, gorgeous surroundings and how tasty the food was this was very reasonable occasion costs. The wine of course as always totted that bill up a bit for me! But not too much, just what you’d expect to for a Birthday brunch in Chelsea.
I had the crushed avocado with poached egg to start, followed by the Minute Steak. Both were really delicious and a good size portion. The avocado had a gorgeous touch of lime and the steak was perfectly cooked and flavoursome. Chips are hard to get wrong! But they hit the spot too.
This was all topped off with very attentive service – drinks were topped up consistently and all our meals arrived promptly with nice check ins for any further requests. They were also happy to arrange a Birthday dessert and singing for our Birthday girl.
If you fancied a post meal cocktail there was a lovely bar in the centre of the room amidst all the atmosphere to continue the party. All in all I really enjoyed the food and pretty experience of Bluebird.

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