Review Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

I love a bit of bronze, everything looks a bit better once you have developed an overnight tan! I have established a few firm favourites already and when I came across Bondi Beach at Boots it seemed to tick some of the essential boxes.

I always prefer mousse tanning that’s a dark colour, so you can see where you’ve applied it on the skin. Not only does this mean you can usually prevent missed spots but I find foam less sticky and more easily absorbed.



This product description sounded right up my street, a lightweight, self-tanning foam that gives a flawless finish. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Coconut, that you smooth on for an even, streak-free tan. The Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Dark Foam that I have is recommended for those with an olive complexion or those who prefer a darker glow. I am in the second camp and find that sometimes products for fair/medium skin come out too light for my liking!

I apply this foam with a mitt and find that the description rings true. You can see where you have covered and any white spots missed. It’s not too sticky and doesn’t sit on the skin for long. When I want more coverage and intensity, I put on one layer and let it dry then go over the spot again.


The only thing is I wouldn’t say the smell is nice but nothing other fellow fake tanners won’t be used to! And it does just smell of fake tan, nothing too offensive but no mask scent like some brands. Not a dealer breaker for me at all though.

Despite the dark description, I find this to be a natural finish. More of a glow, for that reason I always go over legs twice. I love the non stickiness and the result is always good. At £15 for 200ml it’s also a pretty good bargain. I’ve used a handful of times and the bottle is still going strong. This is in Superdrug and Boots so when it comes to stocking up it’ll be easy, which is more good news.

As with all fake tans I’d recommend moisturising afterwards to stop your skin drying out and keep the result longer. All in all this is a big winner and will definitely buy again.

4.5 out of 5

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