Review Diamond Whites Black Edition Tooth Polish

Its a fantastic example of a great modern marketing structure using mainly the power of social media….charcoal! In Victorian times people allegedly used to brush their teeth with soot!! However maybe our ancestors were onto something.
Charcoal is now the ingredient to all our major beauty routines claiming all sorts of wizardry, so does it work?
Of course the first thing to capture my eye, and I just had to try, was the charcoal whitening powder for teeth, so imagine my excitement when I purchased Diamond Whites Black Edition Tooth Polish full of high expectations met with scepticism.


On the tin the Black Edition Tooth Polish is 100% natural made with activated coconut shell charcoal. It claims to strengthen gums, remove toxins from the mouth and absorb bacteria.

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So after brushing my teeth as usual I tried the polish. It is very much like soot. A fine, black powder. Take a wet tooth brush, dip it into the powder and gently brush. First things first this can be messy! So be sure to be over a sink and ready to clean up after, it all washes away.
It can be a bit of a shock at first as it will turn your mouth and teeth black, this also will wash away don’t panic!
There is no particular taste so not unpleasant, it just feels a bit gritty in your mouth.

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After the first use of course it’s hard to tell however I felt pleasantly surprised, I felt my teeth looked lighter, however that could have been a placebo. I have been using the tooth polish for a few weeks and my teeth definitely look whiter, I wouldn’t say dramatically like some of the ads you see on social media, but I’m happy with the results. Even friends have asked if I had my teeth whitened so result!

Having tried only whitening strips before which I found really painful and made my teeth really sensitive, I would recommend giving this product a go if there were any whitening products you were interested in. I haven’t experienced any sensitivity or problems so you have nothing to loose!

You can find Diamond Whites online or I purchased mine in Superdrug.

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