Gym Bag Essentials

We have covered the date night bag and I enjoyed writing that post so I am moving on, to the gym bag.

I’m a typical London commuter as in I travel on a hot cramped tube with my bags loaded up like a mule and trainers or flats on ready to battle through the hustle and bustle. I tend to gym in the morning and head straight to work from there so I need everything with me without having to take my whole life on the commute to work. So it’s all about having the smart essentials to get me office ready and keep me away from the chiropractor.


We all know about dry shampoo and the miracles this can work, however if its been a particularly grueling session on a hot day, washing the hair is the only option. In my gym bag I keep travel shampoo and conditioners, they are so much easier to throw in the bag without the added weight. My travel favourites are by OGX I love the range they supply in handy gym bag friendly sizes – and the shampoos are amazing, the coconut smells divine.


I also take with me my hair oil – mentioned some weeks back – it doesn’t take much room and it is so needed. Especially if you have had a swim and the water has played havoc on the hair – this is a savior.



Just because we’re not getting ready in the comfort of our own homes doesn’t mean the skin needs to stuff. We may not want to stand for too long in the changing rooms stark naked painstakingly applying our moisturiser and waiting for it to dry, plus we have places to be! A spray moisturiser like the one from Aveeno, the Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist is perfect. Literally spray on straight after the shower, quickly rub in, no fuss and quick drying, you’re good to go!

d69076066089f8ef85c84f3c3cefbd01 (1)

Body spray

I like to have a little something to keep me smelling fresh, but carrying bottles of perfume around is not the most practical. So A body spray like Charlie is perfect…….no its still 2017 and yes they still sell it and for a quick scent solution its perfect to have handy in your gym bag.



So if I’m looking for a quick after gym look especially if I have limited time to rush to work a few essentials in the bag:

  • e.l.f Illumination Primer – cheap, easy to through in the bag and to put on for a bare faced glow


  • Nivea BB Cream – if in looking to add a little more colour to my ckeeks

Daily Essentials BB Cream Light Tube (3)

  • Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake – I don’t go out without my brows on and this is my essential product everyday!


  • Barry M Get Up & Glow Pallet – I have this with me all the time because it has everything, blusher, highlighter and bronzer, in case I want more than a bare faced look.


  • Natural Nude Lipgloss – Just to add a dash of texture to my lips

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

And that’s it the gym is done, you are outta there all ready to face the world in no time at all!

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