Review Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream

Superdrug is smashing it right now and one of the main attributors to its success is said to be its Vitamin E skincare range. I invested in the moisturiser to find out what all the fuss was about. So I went big, 475ml to be exact of the Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream.

I am guilty of skipping the hassle of moisturising sometimes as one, it eats into precious minuets in my furious morning routine and two; so many moisturisers are just a bit sticky. I hate being left with that feeling all day. So the product description was music to my ears.

That being: non-greasy and easily absorbed, will moisturise, soften and smooth skin to leave it feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Not only that but the naturally sourced Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which revitalises and protects, helping to combat the damaging effects of the environment and prevent premature ageing.

Big claims but I must say, I may have found my latest budget friendly beauty hero. What I love about it is even if you are a bit generous in your application it is still completely absorbed and really does as promised, leave your skin smooth and dry. This is all in a matter of minutes too, so you don’t need to wait around before you can put your clothes on. So it’s a great one, even in the mist of the morning dash out the door. The smell is nice but subtle, so really after applied you can forget all about it, perfect!

The value is also really good my big tub was £2.99! I’ll be using this a lot so it’s handy it won’t be costing me much to replace.

All in all this is a no brainer buy, I would highly recommend and look forward to trying some of the rest of the range.

Score 5 out of 5

One comment

  1. I love this one to!! I first got it a few months ago. .. a huge tub of it for less than £5! It’s my go to now! Just goes to show the expensive ones aren’t always as good! Haven’t found another to match it yet xx


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