Fab Five Hydrating Shampoos

As bleach lovers, we also have a serious soft spot for everything that helps us fight off its undesirable effects. Hair that is chemically treated and exposed to lots of heat (like mine)  needs moisture and occasionally some protein to nourish it back to life.  You may have already seen our fab five hair treatments, but using a shampoo to rebuild and or hydrate is important too. Here’s my fab fives:

1.Redken, All Soft Shampoo


Often found in hairdressers and recommend by them – for good reason too, as this shampoo lives up to its name. After not too long at all, hair feels smoother and stronger and if you are really lucky, it might even have a little shine. If your hair is in need of moisture and nourishment, you are on to a winner with this one.

2.Aussie, Miracle Moist Shampoo


The beauty with Aussie products is not only are they a good price for a great result but you can easily access them straightaway. No need to worry about searching high and low or being home for an online delivery. This is a great long term solution for thirsty hair that won’t hurt your bank balance and it smells amazing!

3.Loreal Professional, Vitamino Color A-OX


Another symptom of blonde is when it’s been a while since your last colour and you are a bit yellower than you’d like. I love a blonde shampoo to neutral out those tones but some can be a bit drying. This is a rare find in that it hydrates and smoothes as well as keeps your hair colour looking fresh! All that and it’s still a nice and budget friendly price.

4.Pantene, Perfect Hydration Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration Shampoo £3.99.jpg

Well if it’s good enough for Ellie Goulding right? If you aren’t in need of any specialist conditioning this is a really nice affordable, everyday shampoo that will keep your hair nice, soft and smooth. It’s not too heavy either, if you are prone to product build up and are looking for something more lightweight this is one for you.

5.Kerastase, Volumifique, Bain Volume


If you are plying fine hair with bleach – like I am, then this is a great one to plump up what you have as well as give it some condition. It makes your hair feel so soft and healthy, i’m a big fan of the whole range, particularly its counterpart Gelee. If you need to take some serious action for hair health and are happy to invest a little – i’d recommend these two together.

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