Fab Five Body Lotions….with tan!

So we have covered the fake tan, or overnight tan, but what if you just want a little

glow or to keep that tan topped up. Then moisturizer with gradual tan is perfect, you

get two in one moisturized skin healthy glow. So here are my fab five’s.

  1. Palmer’s Coco Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner

So this is my current number one! I notice a colour difference within a day. Its not

too thick or oily so perfect to put on in a morning and allow its magic to work

without feeling sticky throughout the day. Three days in a row is usually all I need

to get a good base glow going and its smells lovely not to mention leaving my skin

lovely and soft.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

2. St Moriz Tanning Lotion

I love the St Moriz products, the fake tanning moose is all I use now. They are

really well priced and I would say the best colour if you’re looking for quite a deep

tan. They also have a tanning lotion, this has a guide colour so is tinted so another

that is best applied before bed. It has added vitamin E and Olive milk for smooth

moisturized skin.

St.Moriz Professional Gradual Lotion (2)

3. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived

The Dove moisturizer has a luxurious texture, it does give a good colour, however

the moisturizer is quite thick so with skin like mine that is naturally oily it can

take a while to soak in, however it has a gorgeous shimmer to it which is great to

use before a night out. Also smells delish!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

4. St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion

Most will have heard/used some of the St Tropez brand and let’s face it for colour

they are excellent. This body lotion has a hint of bronze to give an instant tan look

whilst building up gradual colour. For me its thick in texture which is no bad

thing I just need to use more sparingly. This one out of all five is a more luxury

product as its slightly more expensive.

Picture 6906

5. Garnier Summer Body

This has always been a go to of mine, its the best smelling and gives great colour,

this does takes a few applications to really see the tan coming through so its more

subtle. This has a lighter texture, not to thick, which is good for soaking into the

skin. Garnier produce great products for looking after the condition of the skin

and the same rule is applied to the Summer Body lotion.



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