Date Night Bag Essentials!

After recently, although I might add not unfortunately, I have got back into the dating scene.  Of course its always a rocky start especially if you have been off the scene for some time, you forget what it is like having to meet new people, but also what situations may arise what will you need to take with you at combat any circumstance. Well luckily I have been conducting thorough research and I think I have my date night bag down to a T. So I can share with you my date night bag essentials. Now of course this all depends on size of bag but let’s take the bare minimum, a small bag on a first date!


Now make up is always going to be essential and this is a beauty blog after all. However I have made mistakes of not taking my trust foundation with me and I would say this is an error. Hot weather, eating, drinking, kissing even! There are situations where the makeup starts to not look so fresh; having foundation just to top up little patches works wanders! My foundation of the moment is the glorious NARS Illuminous touch. It gives full matt coverage, which I need as I have naturally oily skin and it lasts! But handy for the occasional top up!

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Deauville with Cap - jpeg

If you bag is not going to accommodate a foundation then a concealer will always work wanders for top ups, and easy to squeeze into a clutch. The Mac Studio Fix Perfecting Stick is perfect as it gives great coverage like  foundation so perfect for top ups!

MAC_StudioFixPowdersAndStick_StudioFixPerfectingStick_NC25_white_300dpiCMYK_1 (2)


Another must, when we can’t take the whole make up bag with us, eyeliner I now would never be without. Mainly because smudging or the worst, leaking eyes! Then you are left with half a done eye. So simply having an eye pencil which takes up very little room to fill in any gaps that may have been rubbed off! The Urban Decay pencil is perfect for this!


Lip liner and gloss

Kissing or not and with all the best will in the world you’re lippy will need to be reapplied more than once, get a good kit in that clutch. Lip liner and a nice gloss is subtle and effortless glamour like this Mouthy by Megan lip kit, you will be looking irresistible.

Dimples-Sand (2)


I love the feeling of leaving the house ready and freshly spritz to conquer the evening, and I hate when that feeling fades after a few hours, so my other date night bag essential, perfume, a quick spritz to keep it topped up. I still love for a date my Olympia from Pacco Raban.

Hair Bubble

Its something we take lightly but sometimes saves my life for any number of reasons, even if after a long evening of eating and drinking, throwing my hair up in the back of an Uber – Heaven!

Chewing gum

I’m sure I don’t need to state the obvious here! Always have it in your bag!

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