Review Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

When I read all about Superdrug’s soaring sales being testament to its best seller: Banana Powder – naturally I purchased ASAP! First questions first – why is it called banana powder?! Well less exciting than it sounds – apparently this is because of the colour, being a yellow tinge. That aside, with Kim Kardashian being a big advocate, and headlines promising this will make me look just like her, I had high expectations.


The Banana Powder promises to warm the skin, set your foundation, as well as reduce shine and correct redness and pink undertones. The Banana Powder is also renowned for being an amazing tool for contouring. And all of this is brought to you at a very cost effective price, just £5! This is all packaged up with a sieve to prevent clumping and assist easy application.

I haven’t had this long but from my experience it doesn’t take too much to create a nice flawless finish. So not only is this is a great price but you won’t need to replace it too soon either.


I would say I have normal skin but I think this is great for summer to ensure your complexion and makeup stay matt. I do have pinkish undertones and this certainly evens those out and diminishes the appearance of pigment. I only need a small amount to give my makeup a more flawless finish but I think if you had oily skin this would be amazing at reducing shine. I on the other hand, have to be careful not to over do it in areas, as there’s matt and then there’s just plain dry.

For me this seems to offer a more translucent finish that evens out my complexion more than ‘warms’ it. I am happy with that though – i’ve got bronzer and fake tan for that! I can’t say the Kim Kardashian transformation has taken place just yet, which really is quite disappointing but i’ll keep trying and settle for (more) flawless skin in the meantime.

The only thing I would say is I can’t quite work out the sieve – so have had a bit more improvising with application. i.e dipping a brush in the top of the pot. This is no biggie and doesn’t alter the effect but I would say the packaging is not my fave.

Overall I would really recommend this as a summer powder that’s great value. It has been talked up beyond belief but really does deliver on evening out skin tone and giving a nice matt finish that will keep your make up in place.


4 out of five





  1. Banana powders are great! Loved this review 🙂 I was very disappointed when I found out it didn’t smell like bananas though, I was so sure thats why they got their name for a while 😛


  2. Great review! I’ve pretty new to this particular powder and am really starting to like it. I never really understood how to use it, but now I know I’m loving it!xox


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