Love Island Beauty Rules

Like the rest of the nation we are firmly, religiously and ashamedly stuck to our screens at 9pm every night. We officially have Love Island fever! But we are in good and unlikely company with Liam Gallagher and Susanna Reid, so it’s totally okay. We are loving the Island’s beauty trends. Some of which are on point with the rest of the world and some  are really just quite exceptional and unique. Here’s some of our favourite Love Island beauty rules so far.

Braids, braids, braids

We know braids are back in a big way and this is very apparent across the lady islanders locks on a regular basis. From Montanta’s casual and cute pigtails to Olivia’s daytime Beyoncé boss braid the plait game is on! Personal favourite was definitely Amber’s firece challenge attire, so Bond girl.


Eyelash extensions are holiday essentials 

Is anyone else in awe of Camilla’s full time Bambi eyes and flutter? Whether first thing or late night action, those lashes are always luscious. We suspect there’s some assistance with eyelash extensions going on here and we fully approve! We worked this trick out a long time ago and it’s a great way to to brighten up those eyes when make up free on the beach. As if we needed any more reasons to love Camilla!

Fall in love with a hairdresser 

How did we not think of this before?! Chris and Amber have the right idea and have not only taken Kem to their hearts but to their locks as well. What could be better than a holiday companion and hair stylist?! Imagine the savings we could make if our boyfriends’ could rid us of our ratty ends?! Sadly I am much more familiar with this phrase than Amber.


The groomolution is so real 

So men are more metro sexual nowadays and that is fine with us. This means better hair and maybe even some moisturiser to steal. It is about time those tables turned! What we didn’t realise though was maybe quite the extent of beauty and grooming equality. We are all for it of course. I’m not sure anyone else could pull off the male blow dry in the same way as our favourite Love Island guy. You wear that clip and straighten that barnet Kem, we salute you!

Less is more 

The classic case of less is more has proved true again and very natural beauty Montana has been certified the official favourite lady by the public! Like we didn’t know – that girl is fierce! We and the rest of nation have fallen hook line and sinker for her flawless skin and glowing natural beauty, evident day or night.


The 00’s are back

In the form of bad ass big hoops and half pony tails. Big earrings are a big hit with the Love Island ladies and seem to be the equivalent of the boys’ white jeans – practically a uniform. Everyone is rockin these accessories from the nation’s sweetheart Camilla to the Queen of sass Olivia. If you have been yearning to take those hoops out of storage, now’s the time. These ladies may be bringing about a comeback.


Needless to say, we’ll be staying closely tuned for the rest of summer, for more lessons in love, beauty and accessories from the nation’s favourite islanders.


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