The Festival Survival Guide

Summer is here and festivals are in full swing. I think a lot of us have experienced or had concerns about the logistics of looking fresh and on point whilst having limited means to go so. So what are the essentials, how are going to keep ourselves looking, well, ourselves whilst partying the summer, nights away!

Showers may or may not be either available or in such a state you would rather bathe in the Thames! So wipes are essential, and what better than baby wipes!!! They are easy to pack plenty of them and refresh anywhere you need them too because they are gentle on the skin.

Hair! Its hot, sweaty and you have last nights’ beer in it. Zerreau have an ingenious solution, towel off shampoo with no water required. This amazing product can be massages into dry hair and literally rubbed off with a towel leaving the hair feeling clean and fresh!

ZCS180- WEB (2)

For the in between days I’m sure I don’t need to point out the magic of dry shampoo and who else to go to but the trusty Batiste! All the fragrances are gorgeous and keep you smelling beautiful.

Batiste Group Shot.JPG

Make up, you can go all out but if you’re limited on time space and quite frankly by day three couldn’t give a damn then keep it simple. A BB cream is perfect for keeping that bit of colour and even better if it contains an SPF for those summer days!! Olay have the Complete Care BB Cream which give 24 moisture to keep the skin looking awake and glowy, even if you’re not. Nivea have the 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturiser, fabulous when you skin is in need of some nourishment, protection and a colour.

Accompany this with a good waterproof mascara and you are good to go. If you don’t want to give up on your favourite mascara, you can always purchase this ingenious mascara top coat from NYX which turns your normal mascara waterproof, for those refreshing summer down pours.

PIMT-Open-1000x1000 (2)

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