Review Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

I have been a simple fan for as long as I can remember. The range is perfect for sensitive skin types like myself. Naturally when I seen that Simple had jumped on the Cleansing Oil bandwagon I had to try it!

Made with 100% natural grape seed oil, Simple promises to remove make up, deep cleanse and leave skin feeling soft and all with just a few drops and no greasy residue leftover.
Personally, I found I needed a little more. The drops are very small which is economical but if you want a more generous application go for more. This made a world of difference! The first time I used it with a few little drops I wasn’t keen and it didn’t remove my eye make up. But when going rogue and squeezing out a bit more, I loved the result.
This cleanser is great value and easily accessible. Simple is of course stocked st supermarkets and Boots across the country, so convenient all round. Even when using  more than instructed this product should last a considerable amount of time and won’t cost the earth to replace the RRP is a reasonable £6.99.
As always, Simple was kind to my sensitive skin and did leave it nice and soft after application. In terms of removing your foundation, blusher and powder bases this is s great product. It’s refreshing over other make up removers as you feel like your skin is being really nourished while taking your make up off. I was also pleasantly surprised that you really are left with soft skin and no residue after rinsing with warm water.
Overall this is a really nice refreshing and moisturising cleanse. It’s also slippery as opposed to a battle and tug with your skin. This takes out a lot of the uncomfortable effort out of make up removal. All is gone and you are left with clean skin in just a few minuets – including eye make up. This has made it into my new found favourites list for sure.
4 out of 5

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