Best of Virtual Beauty

So many beauty campaigns now involve the gift of virtual beauty. And it is hours of fun isn’t it?! Not only that but it also has its practical uses. Gone are the days of relatively blind purchasing – now we can try on products without even leaving the comfort of our own homes. More good news to kick off, all listed below are free !

Rimmel, Get the Look App

So I am late to the party but have discovered the amazing game that is Rimmel’s Get the Look. Get The Look uses highly-advanced real-time tracking that detects make-up on faces in print and real life. This reading is then compared with Rimmel’s extensive database to find the best matching shades of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipliner, blusher, bronzer and foundation to try out on your own image using your smartphone camera.There’s also lots of existing looks for you to try ‘on’ and you can even submit your own. It’s been a virtually busy evening. I’ve been Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger and Emily Canham, all in the last ten minuets.

But seriously though, it is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone with no harm done. If it doesn’t suit you – you didn’t buy it and don’t even have the bother of removing a tester. Amazing! You can try on a whole host of looks at great ease and may even discover some shades you wouldn’t have even considered might suit you. I shy away from bold reds but trying on the Kate Signature Look – I am questioning myself.

No7, Match Made App

No7 launched the No7 Match Made skin tone virtual service to help women find the foundation shade that is ‘just right’ for them. This is all through the magic of the advanced colour calibration of the No7 Match Made skin tone analysis Card, (available free in all Boots stores and delivered with all beauty orders). It uses advanced colour recognition to reveal your No7 skin-true shade.

Once the app is downloaded its easy:

  1. Pick up a No7 Match Made skin tone analysis Card
  2. Hold the analysis card against the jaw line and take three separate pictures of both sides of the face
  3. Discover the shade that is right for you and view your No7 Match Made foundation choices on or find your nearest No7 counter to discover more

The stats say 93% of women who have tried the No7 Match Made skin tone analysis App agreed they would feel more confident in the foundation shade selected for them, and were satisfied that the chosen shade was suited to their natural skin tone. This is great for anyone who is struggling to find a perfect foundation match and is sick of trailing round the shops and spending to only be disappointed.

YouCam Make Up App

I came across YouCam following its recent collaboration with Estée Lauder in Selfridges. This has such an extensive array of features I am still getting to grips with them! But an amazing discovery all the same. 

You might need to book a week off to explore and experiment with the hundreds of looks and features on this app. This sophisticated facial recognition technology offers real time makeovers as well as transformations for photos. 

There’s hundreds of looks to inspire you and to play with. This is the perfect way to test drive new looks stress free. Much better than wasting time the old fashioned way and having to redo it. 

YouCam has so much going on it has a social media feel to it. Currently a collaboration with superstar make up artist Kristofer Buckle is offering all kinds of fantasy makeovers to try. Perfect time to try it out. 

Well now it’s hard to imagine that we’ve all been foolishly putting make up on our faces to see if it suits us?! So last year. 


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