Fab Five Nail Polishes

I change my nail colour more than I have hot dinners! I love experimenting and trying lots of different ones. There is nothing than I like more on a quiet evening is to do my own nails so with this in mind here are my fab five nail polishes.

  1. Barry M Nail Paint

Unless you live in a cave I’m sure we all have a few Barry M nail paints in our collection. Barry M are famous for the huge variety of colours and because they are inexpensive to buy you can build up your collection! I love them.


  1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Paired with the Gel top coat the Miracle Gel is just divine, it is designed to last a lot longer than a normal nail polish, claiming up to 14 days, and I usually get good wear out of them. It also helps to give my nails that little bit of extra strength.


  1. OPI

I went through a period when I was obsessed with the OPI shade Kyoto Pearl I wouldn’t wear anything else for weeks. OPI is slightly more expensive than other brands but I think this shows in the quality of the colours they have available, may have a lovely shimmer to them. Definitely worth having a couple in your collection.


  1. Essie

Who doesn’t own the Essie ‘ballet slippers’ for when it calls for the nails to be looking classy? That’s how I feel about Essie they have a beautiful array of classic shades, lots of lovely pinks and feminine shades. For me Essie has always been quite durable so I can make it last.


  1. Nails Inc

Another brand that are more on the expensive side but with so many flashy and fun colours to choose from its hard to resist. All of the shades available are rich and indulgent so always a nice little treat.

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