Eyeliner Pencil vs Liquid

Which is better? Since the flick/winged eyeliner became the thing in the beauty world it seems liquid is the go to choice for many to achieve that winged look. However both are good in their own right and since eyeliner has become a statement for many with their makeup routine, cosmetic companies have created many types of liner to suit each person.

Pencil and liquid have different qualities depending on what you are trying to achieve soft smokey or sharp and bold!

I was an avid pencil user, I found it so much easier to control and most importantly correct. If the wing you are creating needs to be made bigger and bigger to hide the mistakes and you find yourself spiraling out of control to fix it, a little smudge and a cotton bud can easily resolve this. This is why I loved pencil; I also find it really useful when creating a smoky eyed look, again for the abilities to smudge.

However this can also be pencil eyeliners downfall, being easy to remove means it won’t usually last the evening!

The Mac Chromographic Pencil is a classic. It is a rich colour so you can achieve the perfect dramatic smokey eye with the Black Black shade. Also what is nice is that Mac has a range of other shades so you can experiment with your look.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil is fab if you need long lasting liner. It’s creamy in texture making it easy to apply to create a thick full wing, it contains Vitamin E which is good to know! Also comes in a range of colours, I have featured Zero, a softer than the usual black, and Whisky which I like to use on the under eye and nice in summer to accompany the golden eyeshadows.


Liquid has many benefits, its durable as long as you don’t get the ‘watery eye’ but is always a gamble for me, it’ll either go pretty good, or very wrong!

My absolute favourite go to, because it’s cheap and does everything you need a liquid liner to do, is the classic Collection, Fast Stroke Eyeliner. I’m pretty sure almost all of us have this within our makeup collection. So easy to apply and with a skilled hand you can create super fine lines.


If I’m looking for a little more luxury Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner is my treat. As the title suggests this durable liner is smudge proof and lasts right through the night. Super fine tip for perfect wing making!

So whichever camp you are in, there are fabulous products to suit, but I think ultimately its got to be liquid, I cannot resist a bold flick!


  1. Great comparison, I am always having the debate in my head on which is better! But the answer is neither, theyre just better at different things xo


  2. That was such a great post, I loved how you compared the products! And that was a really nice choice of comparison !


  3. I used to think I was good at applying liquids, but i realized i wasn’t so i’ve stuck with pencils for many years now!


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