Out & About at Albion 

Albion is the perfect spot for a casual catch up over a tasty bite. This beautifully furnished cafe offers unpretentious calm in the centre of bustling Farringdon. It’s located just a few steps from the station, so a great meeting spot. The layout and style lends itself to both a girly brunch or a meeting over coffee.


Having had lunch and breakfast, I’d say the latter has the edge for me. The dishes are great food porn for passers by in the morning. Albion, Clerkenwell is always full of life by 9am with animated diners deep in discussion over breakfast. This is when it’s at it’s best.

The Albion chain prides itself on its unique and multidimensional dining. Which is what is most striking about it. The layout creates a presence that really catches the eye. Is it a shop? Is it a bar? Or is it or a restaurant?! Well it’s all of the above actually.

You may find yourself entering the eatery unawares, via its shop that could easily entice, the place is a foodie heaven with gin, fudge and fresh bread all on display.  All produce is quintessentially British another important part of the Albion identity. Inside the colourful paintings, decor and brickwork give a subtle nod to the small chain’s Shoreditch heritage. The finish is classy and understated with a menu to match. If you like breakfast classics fresh without frills, you won’t be disappointed.

We had omelette which was delicious but for the purposes of photography, not the best choice! We live we learn. Fortunately my company ordered eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise on muffins accompanied by avocado. This pictured better as you can see! But all tasted good!

The service deserves a special mention as on one visit when one of my party was disappointed with the arrival of a fresh fish, not a fillet as expected, they happily exchanged the meal for another choice. All sorted very swiftly and at no extra cost. Having said that on that lunch occasion my chicken from the grill menu was a salad, which was also a surprise. So one note would be that the menu could be a little clearer.

Having said that, I would recommend as a nice spot for fancy free meet ups with friends and an option that’s just on the right side of smart enough for a business meeting too.

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