Holiday Beauty Mayfair Style

It’s summer time! Arguably – I think technically we are a few days off, but surely some of you lucky folk will have started to jet off on your beach holidays already? If you like myself, take your summer holiday as an opportunity to justify all kinds of gorgeous beauty treatments in the name of holiday prep, then this post is for you!

In the lovely days when I worked just off Oxford Street I could conveniently while away my lunch hours and enjoy some pampering in the name of holidays. I made some awesome discoveries as you can imagine is quite easily done in Mayfair.

Blink Brow Bar, Eyelash Extensions

One of the best trick holiday beauty treatments I can recommend – which I now always do for beach holidays is eyelash extensions. The effect is like permanent mascara that doesn’t smudge or move for the duration of your holiday. Amazing. There are lots of salons that offer eyelash extensions but I took a trip to Selfridges, Beauty Hall (yes we do talk about it a lot). Selfridges is home to a Blink Brow Bar and lots of other tempting counters.

Blink Brow Bar offers all things eyebrow grooming as well as a range of permanent and semi permanent lashes. I went for a half set of individual eyelash extensions which can last up to 6 weeks. This is very good news because they are £80 so I wanted to get my money’s worth! .

If you haven’t had eyelash extensions make sure you go along for a glue patch test in advance. Once I had that covered and went along for the treatment the application went so smoothly I could’ve fallen asleep in this chair in one of the busiest department stores in the country. A definite testament to the applicator’s skill, it was all perfectly painless and efficient. It took an hour which when you consider the lasting result is very much worth it. I would say they last in good condition for more like three weeks. But you can also go for refills if you want to last longer. If you are indulging for sun holiday purposes though – that should be more than enough time.

The half set creates a very natural look – much like if you had a daytime look of mascara on. If I had a bit more budget, I would opt for the full set but you have to be prepared to pay more: £150 to be exact. I have no doubt though that they would be amazing! I would advise that eyelash extensions are always worth spending a little more on to ensure you get a safe and quality finish that doesn’t damage your natural lashes.

Mayfair Aesthetics & Beauty, Waxing

Mayfair Salon

Almost just across the road from Selfridges is Mayfair Aesthetics & Beauty. This place will give you a wax like no other. The prices are what you would expect for a luxury Mayfair treatment and so are the results and service. Let’s be honest, no one looks forward to the intimate wax situation. But the ladies here put you right at ease and say all the right things to make you actually relax during what could be a little bit awkward. They were also great at what they do and make the process as pain free as possible. I found the results lasted longer – paired with less painful and lovely service the  price was worth paying. If you work locally, I can testify you can hop over there in your lunch hour for a treatment and be back at your desk within about half an hour easy. Depending on your treatment – but you get me drift.

Cheeky Salon, Topshop Oxford Street, Pedicure


How can you not be a fan of somewhere that means you can literally say – i’m off for a cheeky treatment?! And why not make it a manicure or pedicure to beautify your feet for the beach. You can even pick up some last minute shorts and sunnies on your trip in Topshop – perfect! This was another lunch hour dash I would recommend making an appointment to avoid disappointment. I had a Toe Shine Pedicure for £38 includes file & shape, all cuticle work, buffing, softening and smoothing hard calloused skin, as well as exfoliating and moisturising finished with a lick of paint. The accessibility of this service is great and the paint and finish last.

Of course there is more beautifying that can be done – there always is! But I hope these highlights inspire any of you London holiday goers looking to treat themselves.





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