Review Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake


Brows are big!! We have well and truly left the 90’s and 00’s behind with skinny over plucked brows and embraced the full brow. Thanks to the likes of the gorgeous Cara Delevingne eye brows have become as much of an important feature on our face as anything else. So how do we achieve these wonderful perfectly sculpted brows? Especially since you have been plucking the life out of them since the 90’s/00’s you may have noticed that they don’t necessarily come back!

You could go down the route of tattooing, but for some that may be too drastic and you may prefer a more natural look, so it has never been more necessary to have the correct makeup as a staple part of your routine. I have very fair brows so full or not in the sun they look naked! Pencils we’re okay but i still didn’t love they overall look I was achieving.
My favourite discovery recently has been Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake. It has the consistency almost like an eye shadow but much denser. There are six different shades to choose from, I use Thunder which works well for my colouring, darker than my natural brows but that’s what I need to create more definition. It is a lovely colour on and the texture is really light, not too ‘cakey’ as the title perhaps may lead you to believe. Unlike some eye brow pencils I’ve used, this is able to give a much fuller look, without being to unnatural. The only thing i would say is that yes if rubbed vigourously it will rub off, but that also makes it easier to correct right?!

At £18 compared to your average eye brow pencil yes this can appear a little expensive, but I must say I have had mine now for a long time, using it every day and it has lasted so long with still plenty to go so it was an investment.

I would recommend this product to anyone I love it!

Score 5 out of 5

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