Growing My Nails – Natural(ish)

For as long as I can remember my nails have been appalling, they are as thin as paper and bend and break as soon as they start to grow. To conquer this I have always had to have acrylic or gel nail extensions, sometimes by DIY or in a salon.

The only problem with constantly wearing false nails, as a lot of you users will know, they really damage your nails. Having already poor nails this wasn’t making them any better, I have often over used fake nails so much that my natural nails were suffering. So many people have told me to try Shellac and the reason I never turned to this earlier was I didn’t want to start with short stumpy nails, I love longer nails! Finally after my most recent set of acrylics I thought if I could grow my nails enough whilst having the false ones on then remove and immediately have them Shellac’ed this could solve my problem and grow my nails naturally.

I popped into my preferred salon close to home and requested the famous Shellac for the first time. After inspecting my poor battered nails the manicurist suggested Signature Nail System (SNS) similar to Shellac however it is much better for your nails as it contains Vitamin E which is good for the nail bed and making it strong and helping your nails to grow. So I took the manicurist’s advice.

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I’m so pleased I did! Admittedly, yes my nails had to be cut down due to their sad state, however it really did not take long for them to start growing and looking longer. If you are able to put up with short nails for a few weeks that’s all it takes.

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About two months in my actual nails have grown so much I’m super happy with them. I think they will always be quite weak so the only problem is I need to maintain the SNS which can rack up in cost considering they advise you to go every two weeks – I have stretched this out to four weeks if i’ve really had to!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

They have a full range of colours, so I have not yet felt disappointed when choosing. The product is really good, super strong I’ve not experienced any chips or colour fading, they have remained shiny and glossy throughout.

Look up SNS nails online to see if a salon near you provides it, if you want to grow your nails or are a lover of Shellac and are looking for an alternative I would strongly recommend it.



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