Review Benefit Erase Paste

You know those phases where you just look a bit wrecked?! Well this is how I discovered this little beauty, during my first break up. In classic retail therapy style, I found a Benefit counter and did some admirable damage to my student overdraft. I looked much better for it!

With a name like Erase Paste no could blame you or me for having high expectations for this concealer. In additions it promises to fight signs of stress and fatigue with its concentrated cream formula, available in three shades – one to suit every skin tone.


This product is a reasonable price at £22.00 on the Benefit site (move quick it’s 25% off right now at The concentration claim is certainly true, it is dense and a little bit gives you great coverage. I love the texture – so you like me, could get carried away! But you actually only need a touch so it can really last too. It also comes with handy little application tips and tricks for a bit of added value!

The Erase Pasta lives up to its hype. Not only is the texture great, this has a tiny hint of shimmer which I love for around the eyes, it really evens out my skin tone and brightens up the area. There is a teeny tiny spatula that comes with it and really helps you to get into the tiny nooks and crannies around the eye area which you may not be able to do otherwise. The Fair Shade is the best match for me and it really does blend well with my makeup and skin.

Erase-paste-lid off.jpg

I also have some melasma that the Erase Paste works its magic on really well under make up to give a nice more flawless finish. It even works well with breakouts, so all in all this is a great essential to cover a multitude of sins.

Whatever your coverage need, dark circles, pigment, break outs, I would really recommend this stuff. I love it!


4.5 out of 5



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