Fab Five SPFs

We all need to protect ourselves from harmful rays and not just on the beach! If you use products that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight wear SPF every day. I am talking to you glycolic acid and retinol lovers! Sun damage is ageing and causes lines and pigmentation. I wear SPF ever day under my foundation, and so should you! Here’s my top five:

1. Soltan BB Cream: this is nice and lightweight as well as available in a really high factor, I use SPF 50. If on holiday this is a great substitute for foundation and handles the heat relatively well. It’s also nice and compact so you can bring to work and top up if you are lounging in the park at lunchtime. If you miss the coverage of your foundation on holiday but can’t deal with a full face of make up in the sun – this is perfect!


2.Soltan Once: has become a part of my daily make up routine. I put this on every day under my foundation, so I have protection for the whole day. It works well under make up and doesn’t disrupt the finish too much. I really like that this cream doesn’t create too much shine or make me break out.


3.Ambre Solaire for the face: this is a tad shinier than my fave Soltan but nice light formula that smells pleasant. Ambre Solaire also gets rave reviews for quality and protection, you know you are in safe hands with this SPF brand.


4.La Roche Posay: I have sensitive skin and eyes and some SPFs that have that classic sun cream smell can really make my eyes burn! La Roche Posay has a much more subtle fragrance and feels really nice on the skin with less irritation than some other brands.


5.The Body Shop, Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30: this new range smells exactly as its packaging would suggest. It has a beautiful and citrus fragrance and the Vitamin C does add a little radiance as promised to your complexion. For me the fragrance is a little more than I would like but it is really absorbent and works well under make up so can easily be adapted to your daily beauty routine.




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