Review Jo Malone Body Crème

Jo Malone is popping up everywhere and actually a brand I have only recently become acquainted, and always assumed to be out of my league, £42 for a candle yikes!!

However it’s hard not to be temped in by the warm glow and well displayed cabinets of the Malone boutique shops, and on a winter’s night, I ventured in. Having been shopping all day it wouldn’t be right to not look for a little treat.

The aromas, wow, the most wonderfully intense and individual smells waft through the doors, I imagine this is what a Victoria Secret show smells like backstage, heaven.

Scanning past all the lovely candles, hand moisturisers and bubble bath I then see the generous tubs of luxurious crèmes. The body crèmes. Once you get a scent of these that’s it you must have one! The thick texture coats the skin, but surprisingly not oily once its been absorbed, and the fragrance is so delicious and even the next day you can still smell the luscious aroma on your skin.

I went for the English Pear & Freesia, it is beautiful really rich and elegant. It is definitely a treat at £52 and something I wouldn’t just slap on any old day of the week, but for a date night or lunch with the girls its perfect.JML English Pear & Freesia Body Creme

This product however isn’t just a vanity purchase, it actually moisturises the skin beautifully leaving it feeling super soft and can act as a fragrance all on it’s own.

As a luxury purchase it is lovely to have and if your looking for a nice gift or your looking to hint to a loved one point them in Jo Malone’s direction they have lots of lovely products and always wrapped in beautify designed boxes.


Score 5 out of 5!!

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