Review Foreo Luna Go

The FOREO brand is a seriously hot name in beauty tech. These cute and clever gadgets look great and offer not only deep cleansing, for you skincare junkies but even a bit of anti-aging for good measure!
The Promises
The LUNA Go facial brush promises to be the perfect travel-friendly beauty companion for a busy lifestyle! Its compact size and T-Sonic technology, enables you to enjoy a full skincare routine anywhere. It’s compact and lightweight design ensures it’s easy to travel with too. So no excuses for neglecting your skin on holiday or away from home!
  • Removes 99.5% of of dirt and oil plus makeup residue and dead skin cells
  • Enhances the absorption of skincare products
  • Refines skin texture and evens out complexion
  • Smoothes and firms skin’s appearance

All with one minute for cleansing and one minute for anti-aging

The FOREO range is not cheap. The LUNA Go currently retails on the site at £85. In short this is an investment purchase or a great gift! But unlike some pricey skincare this isn’t going to run out or need replacing any time soon. It is a big payout purchase but your skin will benefit long term. It also comes with 2 Years Limited Warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee on returnsNot too shabby.
The Results
This definitely offers a cleanse like no other product. Afterwards I’m always left with lovely glowing skin that feels so fresh! I love using this with cleansers that foam on the skin with the vibration, they really give an optimum clean and seem to promote really healthy skin. Do I look ten years younger? Well not quite yet. But if there are days when I don’t use the Foreo I can feel and see the difference.
I was suffering from breakouts before the FOREO came into my life. I can’t attribute all credit to the LUNA as I made a few changes but I believe it has contributed to my clearer skin and eased breakouts. I also like that there’s a device for different skin types, oily, combination etc.
Register your device for warranty and do read the detailed advice that comes with the product regarding which cleansers are suitable in terms of ingredients.
4 out of 5


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