Fab Five Fake Tans

I’m blessed (ahem) with fair skin so naturally, in true always want what you don’t have style, I love to fake tan! Everything looks better after a bit of a bronze. I like to indulge all year round but now spring is on the way/here fair weather tanners will also be looking to stock up. If we’re talking ‘out out’ tanning is an essential must for me, so curve ball summer plans require last minute hacks. The right product makes even emergency tanning low maintenance. Here’s my fab five:

1. St Tropez, Self Tan Classic Mousse

I have shopped around but I always come back to this old faithful. I like some of the other formulas too – having dabbled quite successfully with extra dark and the lotion varieties. The mousse gives the best result for me and is the most comfortable to wear as it develops. It dries quickly and it’s less sticky and wet after applied. You can see this formula as you apply, so streaks are less of a problem as any missed patches are visible. Go easy on the hands or just use what’s left on the mitt to finish.

Picture 6961

2.Loreal, Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Fresh Feel Gel

This is a great last minute tan. Goes on clear so although this would not be my first choice if I had the luxury of overnight prep for it is great if you are out about in the day but want to be glowing by the evening! It’s not too sticky and goes a long way. It’s not overwhelmingly scented and I have managed on a few occasions to wear throughout the day for it to develop by night. The finish is quite natural but still sun kissed enough.

Loreal sublime bronze

3.PHD, Skin Care Self Tanner

I find that dark lotions are the most foolproof option for tanning as you can see what you’re doing. However PHD has a couple of unique selling points addressing tanning niggles. It has an extended nozzle so that the tan can cover even those hard to reach spots like the middle centre of your back. In addition it’s the only fake tan I have used that doesn’t smell of fake tan has a nice coconut scent instead.

PHD Never Miss a Spot Self Tanner - Copy

4.Fake Bake, Airbrush Self Tan

I loved this spray the colour is quite dark and sprays on brown so you can where you have applied. As the can promised this works well at any angle.  Even though the result is quite intense it looks like a natural tan. The only criticism is this doesn’t last long, so can work out a bit spenny if you are a tan addict. If it went a bit further it could challenge St Tropez as my long term firm favourite.


5.Garnier, Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Body Mist Medium

If you are brave and skilled enough to apply blind as it is clear this is a good and budget friendly option that dries quickly. It also develops in around four hours and because it goes on clear could be used and left to develop in the day time. Even if using another brand on the rest of my body I often use Ambre Solaire, for the face and hands for more even dispersal. If applied evenly, gives a nice result.

Ambre Solaire - fake tan

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