Out and About at the Villandry

You probably have realised by now, like a lot of us i’m sure, we love a brunch! Especially when said brunch is bottomless!

So even though you swill a lot of bubbles in a short space of time, you still want it to be in a classy environment, and so we have the Villandry. There are two fabulous locations, one in St James’ and the other Great Portland Street.

When you enter into Great Portland Street it has all the makings of a pretty pastry shop, full of stunning desserts and colourful macaroons. We went further on through to a bright stunning lounge which was bustling full of happy brunchers.


Bubbles were flowing for £40 per head. This includes three courses, pastries to start, a brunch main of your choice, plus a cake afterwards so arrive hungry!

2016_03_07_Villandry_7163 (1)

Service was fantastic and even when our time was up we were escorted to the bar to finish our last glass of bubbles by the kind waiter.

I have a huge sweet tooth so I was lapping up the treats and delicious waffles as my main.

Our experience there was a lot of fun it’s perfect for a catch up brunch or even a special occasion.


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