Review Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer

I am loving Charlotte Tilbury right now, probably like most of you out there. It is one of my go to treat products when I feel I have earnt something a little special.

When hunting for a new foundation, the lady helping me with my colour match – who was spot on by the way, and didn’t judge when I rocked up in my gym kit looking dishevelled! – mentioned this primer Wonder Glow. Placing it on the back of her hand, this silky golden liquid shimmered like gold dust. Sold!


I’m an instore shopper, I love physically picking things up and trying them. There is nothing like parading around with a few shopping bags in hand! So instore and on the website this retails at £38.50, which for me is more of a luxury, so I don’t wear it everyday, like in the office for example.

The Claims

The idea is to transform tired and dull skin, even skin tone and give the illusion of smoother wrinkles, using light reflectors. On the website it is described as “A cross between an anti-age elixir and a complexion-enhancing light diffuser”.

The Results

So luckily my instincts for being attracted to shiny things paid off in this instance, as I didn’t know a lot about the product beforehand. Thanks to the helpful assistant at the counter! The primer glides beautifully over the skin and gives a beautiful soft shimmer, I would definitely agree this product really catches the light. I have quite oily skin and I didn’t feel like this made my skin any oilier. In fact it made a really good base to apply my foundation onto. I understand the claim it makes the skin more youthful, as for me it gives a lovely dewy, fresh faced look.

I use this now mainly for when I’m going out in the evening or for a nice day out. For underneath my make up, however it can be used on its own or put on top of make up for a refreshed look.


4 out of 5

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