Review Joico Liquid Reconstructor

Protein lovers will know it is usually most easily sourced in shampoo and treatment masks. These are all great but in a rush you may enjoy this quick fix spritz solution. This is quickly and easily applied to wet hair and left on to do its work. This is the main selling point for me as unlike most other options you don’t need to worry about leaving it in and waiting around before washing out.

Joico cut out

The Promises

The intensive treatment is marketed to fine and damaged hair. The promise is that this leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray will provide fine hair with more strength, shine and support. Crucially – all without adding weight.

The treatment promises to restore vitality, strength and elasticity and has been clinically proven to show benefits equal to Joico’s Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor.


This has a nice price tag compared to most protein treatments RRP is around £16.45. In my selection this is the most inexpensive protein treatment. It’s also a big bottle that lasts, particularly as not a huge amount is required. I have been using for a few months and haven’t made too much of a dent on it just yet.


The Results

I was regularly using this treatment but wasn’t sure of improvement. I thought I could be overdoing the protein, so now I use more selectively and am cautious of over spraying. Personally, I have found if I use this all the time liberally my hair can get a bit tangled. It is best to spritz sparingly, less is more, or it can have a bit of a sticky feeling to its finish. More recently, I use on alternate washes and apply just a small amount. All in all this is a perfect alternative treatment if you are short on time in your morning rush and ritual. Don’t eliminate a more luxurious and time consuming treatment all together though. For me this is an in-between quick fix that suffices in a hurry.


3.5 out of 5


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