Review Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold is hailed as a beauty hero in all the right places. This is a real multipurpose product, personally I was seeking something that would improve pigmentation and dull break outs. But it is marketed primarily for mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and for acne-scarred skin.

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The promises

An alternative solution to non invasive procedures, a resurfacing treatment that uses a low pH delivery system to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. A best selling ‘cult’ product praised by the beauty elite to work like an ‘overnight facial’. Brightens and revitalises tired, ageing skin, and radically improves the appearance of the complexion. Clinical studies show that in just 20 minutes, Liquid Gold increases moisture levels in the skin, improves wrinkle depth and reduces skin roughness.


I usually make my online beauty purchases on Look Fantastic where this is £33.50 for 100ml. This is a pricier item in my skincare routine but a little goes a long way. If using as advised – every other day this lasts at least at least a couple of months. Lately, I prefer to use it a little frequently than that as I found some areas of my skin were drying out so it lasts me a bit longer.

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The Results

It certainly is sung about by the beauty elite, you don’t have to go far to find this has won plenty of awards and enjoyed many great reviews. I have using Liquid gold for a couple of months and easily feel and see that skin is left smoother and fresher. If I am having a break out it diminishes blemishes and helps to clear this up faster. I have sun damage in the form of pigment as well as some melasma. Having used it for a few months now I can see a gradual effect on both. More so on pigmentation, melasma is much harder to shift but hoping that will also fade with time.

It does also (to my eye!) slightly alleviate fine lines. I can tell the difference between the nights I have used it compared to the days I haven’t. Overall it gives a nice fresh look and feel of a great facial. Personally I haven’t quite experienced the “radical transformation” but it lives up to expectation in keeping its word, skin is more moisturised, brighter and fine lines are (very) slightly reduced.

This was my first brush with the hugely popular glycolic acid ingredient. This can sting and be a little daunting to try for the first time but is painless. To satisfy by paranoid reservations I did a little patch test before committing to my whole face to ensure I had no reaction before diving in.

I’ll be keeping this on my bed side table for the foreseeable future and have been recommending to my friends.


This makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and you need to wear an SPF of at least SPF15 every day when using this product.


4.5 out of 5

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