Get Your Big Hair Game on!

I suffer from flat fine hair! Which has no simple fix but there are some tricks i’ve picked up that make a difference and aren’t all about product. In fact, product I find accentuates the problem. Even hairdressers have got it wrong with mousses that “add volume” but actually had the opposite effect and weighed it down.

Beware the short layers too: another nugget of advice from experience. If you have the time to really work with your hairdryer and hairbrush this can add more body but it will also really thin out the length. If like me, you need that extra thickness this isn’t the solution for you.

Tip it

Tipping your head upside down and drying downwards will create lioness volume. Don’t brush too much for an even more dramatic result. If you are worried about a rush of blood to the head! A sideways tip can work as well, just pull all the hair to one side and then switch sides when drying.

Cool it

Hair needs to cool for the shape you formed with heat to set. To retain your volume, when your hair is almost dry, finish off with a cool setting to maintain all the body you’ve created. This might even add a bit of shine too.

Roll it

DIVA hot rollers

If you have a bit more time on your hands, large hot rollers can give flat fine roots a real lift. I use Diva Big Hot Rollers the biggest are best. Patience is key, wait for the rollers to cool down before removal (this will take a little while) and the less combing and shaping after removal the better to keep the shape.

Round Brush it

Alternatively,  large round brushes are a classic and reliable choice. If you have a centre parting ignore it – take hair from either side and blow dry in the centre of your head with hair wrapped around the brush almost like a roller. Remember to use the cool trick after using hot air to keep that shape.

Side part it

You’ll notice this trick on red carpets all the time. If you have fine hair like mine, styling to one side rather than centre can add a nice bit of height and volume on top that holds.

Fake it

Lauren Pope case studies.jpgGood quality hair extensions can look perfectly natural and add thickness and volume to the lengths of your hair. Usually sets come with a few layers of clips. If you are just after a day time look just half a set or a clip or two will really enhance fine hair. I use Lauren Pope’s, Hair Rehab London Clip in Extensions – Original. They are real hair and great quality, really soft and shiny and easy to clip in and out. There are also endless video tutorials on the site on how to style them on the Hair Rehab London website.


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