Review Benefit High Beam

Its official contouring has become part of my makeup routine, admittedly not daily, but certainly for every other occasion bar the gym and the office!

So its essential to find a good highlighter, powders are OK and I do use them but sometimes they can break up, crack and not give that flawless finish that we see on those well-polished instagrammars we so envy for their correctly applied highlighter.

Just dab under the eyes, just above the cheek bone, a little on the nose and your good to go. This doesn’t dry out and keeps a consistent dewy glow throughout the day/evening.


For what seems like a little on the pricey side at RRP of £21.50, you don’t tend to need a lot of it for each application so it will last you – well worth the investment in my opinion.high_beam_sClaims

Highlighter “accents cheeks & brow bones for a dewy glow”, and is long lasting.

The Results

I think I have found my highlighting go to in Benefits High Beam. A silky smooth liquid highlighter with a lovely pinky tone. This catches the light so beautifully and is fairly easy to apply. You can use under or over your make up, I personally prefer over for a more dramatic look. I felt I needed to practice blending this product, a little really does go a long way so start small. I would also advise to use a sponge if you can rather than fingers mainly for ease and to help achieve a more faultless look.


4.5 out of 5



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