Review SensatioNail Polish to Gel Starter Kit

The promises

This kit promises to turn any classic nail polish into a gel with practically no dry time. Polish to dry in 30 seconds and top coat in 15 seconds – using the included SensatioNail LED lamp. Once you wipe at the end of your manicure, it’s completely dry. A strong and chip resistant finish that will last up to 10 days can then be removed quickly and It’s no surprise that the surge in popularity of the gel nail is still going strong. What’s not love? Chip resistant, long lasting and all with an unbeatable glossy finish. But what is new is being able to easily create the effect at home with your old polishes.

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At most salons in London you’ll be looking at a price tag of at least £30 for gel nails, give or take a little. This kit is £49.99 in Boots which is actually great value in comparison to what you’d spend regularly going to a nail salon long term easily with acetone.

The Results

There are a couple of options on how you can turn your favourite old classic polishes into gel. You can either pour the old polish into the transformative gel solution or paint your nails with it then add on the transformative coating. I opted for the painting rather than the pouring as less potential for spillage and mess.

This is easy to do, after applying a coat of classic polish you simply follow with a coat of gel polish and place under the lamp. I did find that drying time was longer than stated and that the finish could be a bit sticky. The wipe solution does alleviate this problem but I had to be careful in finding the balance between removing stickiness but not blemishing the polish. On a couple of occasions this balance did fail.

The overall finish though is pretty good and it is nice to enjoy the convenience and cost effectiveness of achieving gel nails at home. The 10 days promise might be a bit optimistic, I found it to be more like up to five days without too much chipping/blemishing. On the plus side, it certainly is easy to remove with acetone when you’ve had enough and want to try the next colour!

Overall, I think this is a great investment if you’d rather avoid the queues and the costs of the salon. The result is a little inferior, but if you’re happy to make that compromise it’s kind on the purse and a busy schedule. With that in mind this is a good buy.


3.5 out of 5


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